trax2 maps shopping at the Guangzhou Jewejery market
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Guangzhou markets  

Shopping for semi-precious stones in the GuangZhou Jewelery Markets

GuangZhou semi-precious gem markets

GuangZhou 广州 Jewellery Markets

The GuangZhou Jewelery Markets (GuangZhou Map ref Gd-8) or Semi-precious Stone Wholesale Market is a “gem” of a place to visit. Even if you don’t intend to purchase anything, but with more than 4 floors of shop upon shops stacked full of semi precious gemstone beads; semi precious stones; birthstones; agates; garnet; aquamarine; onyx; bags of pearls and different shape corals and much, much, more …

From wholesale jewelery accessories to 925 Silver Findings; Brooch Fittings and other types of fashionable Jewellery Findings, the GuangZhou Jewelery Markets will stimulate your desires.

Here real gemstones and pearls are sold at fractions of the cost of buying costume jewelery. So why buy fakes when you can buy the real things ...


Interested in the Chinese names for gem stones and how to pronounce them then see >> the Trax2® Chinese and English PhraseBook of gem stone names




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