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Raw Sugar with Real Maps makes all the difference ...want to try first hand the magic of YunNan Gold Raw Sugar then do the China Pizza Trail a collector's set of 4 MAPS includes Maps of GUILIN & YANGSHUO in GuangXi and in YunNan, DALI & LIJIANG Maps. | BEIJING Maps | CHENGDU Map | GUANGZHOU Map | KUNMING Map | SHANGHAI Map | SHENZHEN Map | TIBET Map | (LHASA Map) | XIAN Map | GuiLin Map | LiJiang Map || Hong Kong Markets || Nauru || Map Stores

Like Coffee then Raw Sugar is the ideal compliment and this French-roasted, Biodynamic grown hand-picked, rainwater washed, sun dried, organic coffee bean roasted from whole organic coffee beans combines well for a tangy, robust sweet bitter taste.

organic coffee

Organic Brown Sugar


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Raw Sugar 云南红糖 ...

This raw sugar is naturally hand processed and un-refined in Northwest YunNan around the DaLi area and is sugar in the raw state made from natural raw sugar cane, so natural you will even find left over bits of burnt sugar cane leaves mixed in. A sure sign that it is completely un-refined.

"YunNan Gold" this is the best RAW SUGAR there is... taste it and know the difference..

sugar in the rawraw sugar "yummy"sugar in the raw

For a famous YunNan Health Tonic - mix 1 table spoon of "YunNan Gold" Raw Sugar with 1 table spoon of grated fresh ginger in 1.5 cup Cang Shan mountain spring water, boil for 5 minutes, drink hot or cold. If Cang Shan mountain spring water is not available, use bottled water or filtered water.

If "YunNan Gold" Raw Sugar is not available then try these alternatives

sugar in the rawSugar In The Rawsugar rawraw suger Raw Sugarraw suger Organic Raw Cane Sugar Organic Raw Cane SugarOrganic Raw Cane Sugar

Using Raw Sugar in Chinese foods... learn more ~> the Trax2® Chinese Food Cards... plus healthy green tea benefits, and why sweet sticky rice wine is looked on as Traditional Medicine.

Now learning more about Chinese food is easy with these Chinese food pictures which are divided into categories of Meat, Noodles, Vegetarian, Snacks, Soups and Sweets. For easy reference all these Chinese food pictures with names include their Chinese characters and also Pinyin (English) making them a fun way for learning more about Chinese and Chinese cuisine.

Other Organic Wholesome Sweeteners

Other Organic Wholesome Sweeteners that you might want to check out like this organic zero-calorie sweetener made from only organic sugar cane with a Zero glycemic index, has Zero artificial ingredients, is USDA organic and kosher certified making this the perfect highly digestible organic alternative to synthetic sweeteners and also suitable for all vegetarian diets. And then there is ...

Pure Organic Maple SyrupPure Organic Maple Syrup Pure Organic Maple Syrup Raw Honey raw honey

organic sugar cane organic raw sugar caneorganic raw sugar cane Organic raw blue agave Organic raw blue agaveOrganic raw blue agave

Other sweet Facts...

 Buy in bulk and save with these four 1 Gallon Jugs of Organic Light Agave NectarOrganic Light Agave Nectar which is a perfect sweetener for Vegans & Vegetarians who are on a raw or living food diet as Agave Nectar can be used in place of honey, corn syrup and maple syrup. Agave Nectar can also be substituted for sugar in most recipes, sweeter than sugar, so generally half to 2 third cups of agave will replace 1 cup of sugar. Made from the Agave Salmiana (not the Blue Agave) that grows in the high desert regions of central Mexico. Agave nectar has a low glycemic index of 32, compared to 58 for honey and 64 for table sugar. Agave has the same calories as honey, but as most people find it to be sweeter, less is needed therefore less calories are consumed.

Organic Light Agave Nectar Organic Powdered SugarUse Organic Fair Trade Sugar productsOrganic Fair Trade Sugar as the saying goes "a Spoonful of Fair Trade Sugar Makes the World a Sweeter Place" as The Fair Trade label guarantees the consumer a fair price is paid directly to the farmer. Thereby giving real value back to the primary agricultural producers thus insuring long term sustainable farming practices resulting in higher living standards aiding in the development of thriving communities. Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Sugar is produced from certified organic sugar cane grown on co-operative of sustainable family farms in Paraguay. The Sugar Mill is energy self sufficient, reusing the crushed cane stalks as fuel for the boilers, generating the electricity for the Mills thereby avoiding fossil fuels. All sugar cane is "green cut", meaning the cane is not burnt or sprayed and cut by hand in the fields leaving the leaves and tops of the cane in the field as a nutrient source for the soil and as a natural form of weed control.

Discover more about the difference between Raw sugar vs white sugar vs brown sugar >>>

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Steamers are considered a more healthier way to cook bringing out all the natural flavors whilst maintaining all the goodness in foods.

With affordable easy to use traditional asian type Bamboo Steamers or for the busy home there are now Electronic Food Steamers with digital timers that you can set and forget, either one will give you Healthy Meals with Great Flavor

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