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The last remaining Wild River in China the NuJiang is found in Northwest YunNan
Above: Tibetan stupa and the GaWaGaPu Glacier in the background in BinZhongLuo..

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China Adventures to the world...

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starting your world adventure in China is much more exciting...

"Life is a grand adventure - or it is nothing."

Helen Keller

ShaoGuan's famous rock

big stiff

China Hotels ...

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moon setting ocer cang Shan
DaLi Cang shan Mountains

At over 4000 meters DaLi's Cang Shan (Mtn)
is the trekker's and mountain bikers dream come true...
Found China's last remaining wilderness frontier right on DaLi's "door step"

Rice Terraces

DaZhai, (Long Ji) in GuangXi, TangAn in GuiZhou and YuanYang in YunNan ... spectacular just doesn't describe these places …


swing bridgeon the road
The Nu Jiang or (Salween River) ...
map of 3 rivers

the last “great un-tamed river” running through fantastic scenery, from snow capped mountains, glaciers, steep gorges, ancient forests, & sandy beaches, with dozens of ethnic groups, with their own special culture, traditions and mysticism …

bai noodles
Foods to spice up your Adventures ...

Learn as you travel about CHINESE FOODS and at home practice what you have learnt on how to make homemade wine with just rice and yeast to enjoying Chinese green teas with Chinese food ~> Dong Oil Tea ~> Snow peas with garlic and why YunNan Raw Sugar is so good for your health...

Beijing Forbidden Palace
Miao sisters
A Journey into living history ...

Is not enough to say “time has stopped still” to actually see it you begin to wonder, has the world really moved on for the better …

We are happy as the"Hundred Feather Miao", "Black Miao", "Flower Miao" it's all because we can dress ...

In the last 5 years more culture heritage has been "wiped clean" then at any other time since the Cultural Revolution in China ...

Australian kangeroos
Kangaroos, gorillas, crocodiles,
pandas and monkeys ...

I’ve "trax" them all and “shot” plenty - Trax2 photo trekking to the extreme ~> the Trax2 China Pictures and Panoramas from around the World



trax2 Adventure
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