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Guilin to HK mapGetting to Guilin from Hong Kong by bus, train or plane
here then are the choices by train:

Hong Kong 香港 to GuiLin 桂林 ...

Actual train route will be this:
Hong Kong - ShenZhen - GuangZhou - GuiLin

There are actually 2 sets of trains you can catch, one leaves from ShenZhen ( see SHENZHEN map ref Zs-6 ) and the other leaves from GuangZhou ( see GUANGZHOU map ref Ge-4 ) and passes through GuiLin ( see GUILIN map ref Gj-10 ) to LiuZhou.

Note One: Arriving & leaving from GuiLin, be aware that GuiLin has 2 Train Stations - North & South Train Stations - so do check your tickets to see which one you will arrive/leave from. As it is not uncommon to have people wait at the wrong station and miss their trains altogether.

For this guide we'll catch the number T38/39 ShenZhen to GuiLin train which starts in ShenZhen and finishes in GuiLin, showing you how to catch only trains starting from anywhere in Hong Kong (see map of Hong Kong) all the way to GuiLin (see map of GuiLin).

You can do this from any MTR Station in Hong Kong, you will need to connect with the East Rail Line heading north to Lo Wu. Connecting MTR Stations are either East Tsim Sha Tsui or Kowloon Tong.

Arriving at Lo Wu just follow the crowds through the border crossing, once out you will be on the China side in ShenZhen (see map of ShenZhen) , walk straight ahead and you will see the ShenZhen Train Station on the left. Find the right window (if you have problems just ask someone - see Chinese/Mandarin phrases) and purchase your ticket. And if you have time to spare you can visit the LuoHu Commercial City next door. A five story complex with different varieties of eateries and shops selling all manner of things like DVD's, shoes, sunglasses, trinkets, artifacts just to name a few.

Note Two: LuoHu Commercial City can be an attraction all by itself as it's a bubbling beehive of buzzing activity where haggling is a sport, so take things lightly and have some FUN, toning up your bargaining skills. Other colorful markets are the GuangZhou markets, for a short GuangZhou Jewelery market video see here.

This is by far the most easiest route to take, and since the GuiLin to ShenZhen trains are night trains there is plenty of time to buy your tickets and get to see a little bit of ShenZhen too.

For a real hard copy of the logistics of getting to GuiLin from Hong Kong this Trax2 Hong Kong, Macau, GuangZhou to GuiLin Map will show you the whole region. And with this ShenZhen Map in hand doing this route will be a breeze.

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