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GuangZhou to ShaoGuan use Real Maps as they make all the difference ...ShaoGuan on the GuangDong Map ... | GUANGZHOU Map | China Pizza Trail a collector's set of 4 MAPS includes Maps of GUILIN & YANGSHUO in GuangXi and in YunNan, DALI & LIJIANG Maps. | BEIJING Maps | CHENGDU Map | KUNMING Map | SHANGHAI Map | SHENZHEN Map | TIBET Map | (LHASA Map) | XIAN Map | GuiLin Map | LiJiang Map || Hong Kong Markets || Nauru || Map Stores

GuangZhou to ShaoGuan don't forget to get this GuangDong Map

Guangzhou map

includes localized English Chinese Mandarin Phrasebooks together ...check out the GuangZhou Map now... as the GuangDong Map area map include directions to ShaoGuan and DanXia Shan but also covers directions from and to Hong Kong, ShenZhen to GuiLin; Macau and more... This GuangZhou Map also doubles as a GuangZhou Market Guide listing over 40 GuangZhou wholesale markets too... something well worth while to check out whilst in GuangZhou for business or pleasure...



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GuangZhou to ShaoGuan 韶关

DanXia ShanThe right "Trax2" GuangZhou to ShaoGuan...

Buses and trains start from the GuangZhou Zhan 广州站 (GuangZhou Railway Station), if you like trains then China trains are more relaxing then even express buses and with regular daily services it is very simple to get from GuangZhou to ShaoGuan and back.

With expressways all the way to ShaoGuan, it's only about a 3 and a half hour road trip by bus which is pretty much an un-eventful trip in its self, arriving from GuangZhou into ShaoGuan make a stop into the many restaurants that serve the local areas produce and delicious ShaoGuan style Chinese foods.

For business opportunity visit the ShaoGuan Foreign Trade & Economic Co-operation Bureau, they have a showcase of local business that have succeeded.

For more on How to Do business in China ... [see doing business the China way in ShaoGuan]

Eating and drinking with the ShaoGuan Govt >> Walking through DanXia Shan 丹霞山 Park >> View from top of the cable car >> ShaoGuan to GuangZhou

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Lost in YunNan, not a chance with this KunMing, YunNan Map, covers more then just YunNan... Moving on from YunNan, then make sure you stop in ChengDu for some of the best Tea Houses in China and prove ChengDu is not all about pandas.

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