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Express Buses (Direct Buses) from GuangZhou to Hong Kong or

Hong Kong 香港 (Prince Edward 太子道)
to GuangZhou 广州

The best and most efficient way to get from Hong Kong to GuangZhou or from GuangZhou to Hong Kong is by the many Express Bus Services run by competing companies.


In GuangZhou the simplest way to catch is to ask at the hotel/guest house where you are staying, chances are they will be able to sell you a ticket and if not, direct you to where the drop-off and pick-up points are. Or you can make your way to the Garden Hotel (map ref Gh-5), China Hotel (map ref Ge-5), Landmark Hotel (map ref Gf-8) and or the GuangZhou Hotel (map ref Gf-8).

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In Hong Kong, depending on the Bus Company and strict traffic laws it can be a bit more confusing to catch. Drop-off and pick-up points are often outside major 5 star hotels on Hong Kong Island and a couple in Kowloon and Tsim Sha Tsui.

If you are not sure then you can go to the Prince Edward MTR Station, go out from Exit C2 cross over the road (crossing under the over head expressway) where you will find a cluster of bus companies that will take you to many other cities around GuangDong and of course to GuangZhou too. See Prince Edward map.


Prices start from HKD / RMB 80.00 (prices increases during Canton Fair & holidays). Buses run in either directions all day starting early mornings till late at night. It is possible to buy your ticket on the same day, but it is always wise to book ahead.

TIP One:

If you are starting from Hong Kong and coming back to Hong Kong then get a return ticket with no set dates, when you want to return just call the number provided in GuangZhou to confirm your departure time and date and since you are paying with HK dollars you can save (exchange rate is around HKD 1.00 = RMB 0.80).

TIP Two:

If time is important or a major factor then consider connection at Prince Edward as it is not uncommon to be stuck in traffic for up to an hour and a half between Prince Edward and Hong Kong Island in either direction, so time wise it can be quicker to catch the MTR to Prince Edward or from Prince Edward to Central or anywhere else on Hong Kong Island.



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